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This looks really cool!  But I can’t make either of the dates.  Anyway, in case anyone is interested in a timely show to accompany the book for April::



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Thanks Sean for hosting last Friday, hope we didn’t wake Molly up on the way out.

Youth received mixed reviews, not loved, but not hated. He had some interesting comments on the feelings of being an immigrant to England in the 1960s, possibly still relevant today, and we also enjoyed being introduced to a number of different poets through his musings on writing. But he was quite an annoying character and pretty unpleasant towards all the women he met so not a great deal of sympathy for his loneliness. Towards the end he did seem to become a bit more of a human being, even possibly caring about another person apart from himself, but our overall verdict was that it wasn’t one of our best reads.

Next month I’ve chosen Appointment in Samarra by John O’Hara for the meeting on 11th April.

Then Steve’s first choice is The Goldfinch by the excellent Donna Tartt, for the meeting on 9th May.

And Sian is choosing next for the June meeting.

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Book club authors on TV

Couple of recent programmes you might be interested in featuring previous book club authors ……

Seamus Heaney

Khaled Hosseini

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Long interview with Ian McEwan here on iPlayer – author of previous book club read Saturday.  Includes a piece on his research for the book and how he impersonated a neurosurgeon …

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Happy days.  The planning application for the mega restaurant on Church St has been withdrawn, so Church Street Books remains open and even has a new coat of paint to celebrate.

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I love this

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The Kreutzer Sonata on stage

One of the short stories in The Death of Ivan Ilyich will be on stage in the new year:  an adaptation of The Kreutzer Sonata by Tolstoy is on at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill in January/February.  Should be intense!

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